4 important features of a modern vacuum cleaner

The vacuum cleaners now have many advanced features. They are now more effective and very convenient to use. Here are the top features of a modern vacuum cleaner.

HEPA filtration

This technology is better than the technology used in the old models of vacuum cleaners. It can trap most dust and dirt particles. This technology provides health benefits to people suffering from asthma or allergies. There won’t be any dust floating around with this technology.

Bagless technology

You will find many bagless vacuum cleaner models now. In these vacuum cleaners, there is a filter that should be replaced from time to time. But you don’t need to change it as frequently as you needed to change the bag.


You will find computerized vacuum cleaners on the market now. They can overcome obstacles like toddlers, pets or legs of chairs easily. They can even go underneath furniture easily. They can even operate on timers and get recharged automatically.

Retractable cord

It is a very important innovation. The long cord that used to come along the way was very distracting. Now the cord retracts into the vacuum when needed. The cords are long and you will be able to reach places without the need to switch outlets.

These features make today’s vacuum cleaners more functional and convenient. You can get a cleaner house and without any harmful effects on health. If you are thinking of buying a vacuum cleaner you should buy one that has all these features.

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